Cantley, March 25, 2020 - The mission of Des Collines Seniors’ roundtable is to support and/or develop initiatives that meet the needs and interests of seniors in the MRC des Collines in their daily lives.


Since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, our caregiver manager and community worker (ITMAV) have been communicating with their respective clients.


The current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is a particular and unusual reality. It can affect seniors both physically and psychologically. Indeed, in such a context, many people will experience stress, anxiety and depression.


We are calling for the mobilization of EVERYBODY to make known our telephone number to reach as many seniors in vulnerable situations as possible.

MRC des Collines Seniors' Help Line

Press release

(For immediate release)

Information:  Lyne Besner 819 457-9191 poste 241 or email

1.855.662.4637, ext. 244